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Austin Real Capital (ARC) is a full-service real estate investment firm specializing in income-producing properties in the state of Texas. The company is fully committed to delivering the highest level of quality, expertise and value to our clients. ARC invests in low-risk assets that build long-term wealth.



Austin Real Capital offers a wealth of investment opportunities in central Texas real estate. We locate, purchase and manage investment properties from start to finish for a truly seamless experience.

ARC takes an entrepreneurial approach to value creation in an effort to maximize investment return. We increase investment options and security, and our clients benefit from our expertise and creativity in finding, purchasing and managing the development, renovation or long-term holding of each and every asset. ARC can assist in all aspects of creating and managing a self-directed IRA, and can help you optimize your retirement planning.

ARC is furnished to handle big business in a small business atmosphere. Every decision regarding both your finances and investments will be discussed one-on-one with representatives who will work hard to know you and your investment. Whether you are a savvy investor with a long history in the Texas real estate market, or you are just trying to decide if, when and how you should invest, you owe it to yourself and to your financial future to let ARC show you what we can do for you.

Now more than ever you need a trusted partner who knows the business of real estate investing and has your best interests in mind at all times. That partner is ARC, and we welcome you to contact us for a free consultation. 

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History & Expertise

For more than six years, Austin Real Capital has built its reputation on reliability, innovation and client satisfaction, which has been the foundation of our continued growth and repeat business. 

Since our founding in 2009, ARC investors have averaged greater than a 20% yearly return, and not a single principal investment has been devalued. With an expert knowledge of the notoriously demanding Austin permit process and the ability to anticipate the challenges of development, ARC simplifies a normally complicated real estate investment with proficiency. We maintain our strong credibility managing all developments with efficiency and professionalism while navigating every step in the process. Should you have any questions, we stand ready, willing and able to answer them at all times. 

Regardless of your current level of experience with real estate investing, ARC stands ready to form a strong and lasting partnership that will put you where you need to be to meet your individual financial and investment goals.

Investment Strategy

Austin Real Capital seeks long-term real estate investments that generate balanced wealth for our clients and company. 

Austin Real Capital emphasizes a balanced wealth philosophy: a combination of asset appreciation in a stable market as well as production of predictable income. By thoroughly examining a number of different proprietary investment criteria when purchasing properties and creatively selecting assets, we are able to design safe, low- risk opportunities that yield enduring profits. We maintain a flexible approach that enables ARC to seek out a diversified portfolio of real estate investments. As a result, since our inception in 2009, ARC investors have averaged greater than a 20% yearly return, and not a single principal investment has been devalued.

Every investment is designed specifically for the client’s objectives based on product type, liquidity and targeted returns. The ARC philosophy focuses on one-on-one attention that treats every client as an individual with the understanding that not everyone's needs are going to be identical. We look toward strong cap rates to strengthen portfolios well into the future allowing us to keep personal attention at the forefront of everything we do.


Texas Real Estate Market

The Texas real estate market lacks the volatility that burdens many other areas of the country.  Austin Real Capital leverages this stability to create peace of mind and simultaneously produce sustained long term growth.

The Lone Star State maintains an exceptionally strong job market while hosting a booming population. Unlike markets that may see dramatic peaks and valleys, Texas remains stable and can often appreciate due to the influx of an educated workforce and lower cost of living. A growing population ensures the need for multi-family and commercial real estate and there fore strengthens the investment benefits of Texas real estate. ARC takes a more conservative approach to investing in your future by focusing on the stable Texas market and its connection to calculated returns and long-term growth.

Current Projects

6402, 6404 & 6408 Carson Ridge

Austin Real Capital is currently building six new single family homes on three neighboring lots in an attractive and well maintained cul-de-sac. Learn more about the homes that are currently on the market.

6911 HWY 290

ARC now has food trailer spaces available for lease on Hwy 290 @ Y in Oak Hill. Contact 512.722.6112 for details, watch the project unfold on Facebook, or check back here for updates.